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A New Reel: A Study in Continuity

I recently completed a new acting reel for a client and friend, Nick Davis. The procedure of putting together a reel is quite similar in each case. You can learn more about my process in my blog article on Acting Reel FAQs. However each reel does require more time or emphasis on a particular part of the process. Nick's reel allowed me to work on my continuity skills

Many of Nick's sample pieces were on the longer side. And even those that weren't still had his best moments spread throughout rather than readily available in one chunk. This required me to edit down pieces to best showcase Nick.

Sometimes I feel like a butcher when I have to edit down a creative piece because I am undoing the great and time-consuming work of the editor. I'm subtracting out wonderful performances by other actors. I'm eliminating context so artfully constructed by the writer and director. I just have to remind myself that my job in this moment is to showcase the single actor for whom I am working.

If I have done my job well, you can't tell where I have removed pieces within a single clip. All you see is the best of Nick. A diverse representation of his talent. If that's what you see, then I have succeeded. In this case, I believe I did.

If you agree and you would like some help with your demo reel, please check out some more of my work and client testimonials and then contact me to learn more about rates.

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