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Big "Stage Manager" Energy

Anyone who's spent time with me in the last week has heard me reference this topic. I have brought it up in shows and podcasts I've been a part of, and now I'm writing about it here. Early this week, a friend told me I give off Big Stage Manager Energy (BSME). And I keep bringing it up because I think it so encapsulates me and what I bring to the table.

I offer a lot of services on this site. I can help you with your resume. I can produce or direct your short film. I can design a mailer for your political campaign. I can advise you on how to market your small business. And more. But because I offer so many, somewhat disparate services, I think it can be confusing for people. What is it exactly that I'm an expert in? What is the value that I bring versus someone else? I'm not a certified life coach. I'm not an ex-agency designer. I'm not a lauded filmmaker. Of course I have experience in every single area I'm offering assistance in. However, to me, experience is only half of the equation. You can have decades of experience, but not be able to translate that into effective service. The value I believe I add is that I bring that Big Stage Manager Energy.

What exactly does that mean? Well, what do stage managers do?

  • They take both a macro perspective to see the entire piece and its ultimate vision and maintain a micro perspective to ensure every detail is in place correctly for the machine to run smoothly and well toward its goal

  • They take a new production (a new enterprise) and create procedures, schedules, and other standards of operation that are unique to the project at hand

  • They have to be creative and understand how the organizational stuff facilitates the fun artistic stuff

  • They communicate and work well with everyone from producers to actors to crew to patrons and to do so they must understand each person's value and perspective

  • They are decisive problem solvers, identifying issues and finding solutions while the production is moving at full speed

I am proud that I embody these characteristics in all that I do. And I believe these qualities are harder to teach than how to use Photoshop or the correct structure of a cover letter. They are the building blocks by which one approaches any new challenge.

So if you've found your way to my website and you are asking yourself what value do I bring? Why should you enlist my services over someone else? It really comes down to my BSME. No matter what your project or challenge is, I will approach it with vision, organization, creativity, respect, and decisiveness.

I hope to work with you soon!

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