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Need a speech written? A mailer designed? A video made? Your social media or email campaign planned? I'm here to help you get your name and message out effectively and efficiently.

I can also assist in fundraising or field strategy, providing a numbers-based prioritization system to maximize efficiency & efficacy.

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I can take your desired message and turn it into a palm card, mailer, sign, postcard, sticker, or anything else you need designed

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I can script, film, direct, and edit political ads tailored to your campaign's message and the desired tone

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"Val assisted with videos for my 2019 Aldermanic campaign. She took my platform and wrote video scripts that were clear and compelling. She produced, filmed, directed, and edited videos to share on social media. It’s always a challenge to get time with a candidate, but Val was organized, communicative, and passionate which made for great videos seen by thousands."

Maggie O'Keefe

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