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My Birthday Wishes

It's my birthday today! I've always liked my birthday. Mostly because it's historically been an excuse to get all my friends and family in one place for a big party. So much for that this year.

So instead I'm gonna make a few wishes on my non-existent candles.

1) I wish for an increased feeling of connectedness to friends, family, and colleagues during this very strange and difficult time

The whole pandemic has been rough for me. Being an extrovert and not being able to see people is an enormous bummer. I am going to continue to try to find ways to stay connected and find joy in my relationships. My wish is that people indulge me when I bug them to virtually hang out :)

2) I wish for the opportunity to really be of service to people

The whole point of making this website and offering my help to people was that I never feel better than when I'm helping others achieve a goal or get past a road block or find clarity on something. I genuinely hope that if there is some way that I can be of service to you, that you will reach out.

3) I wish for the courage to reach for things even if they feel big and scary

I tend to drag my feet on projects, even when I really really want them to succeed, when I'm scared of what will happen. So I'm putting myself on the spot here. I have a lot of things I want to work on, but one in particular I want you to keep an eye out for is something called The TBD Network. I don't have a whole lot to show for it yet, but I hope to soon. Stay tuned.

4) I wish for you to have a safe and happy year and that I can hopefully invite you to a big party next year!

I'll just have to plan a big rager for the ole 3-5. See you there!

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