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How I'm Spending My Money on Black Friday

It's been a strange year for a lot of us and it would be understandable if you didn't want to spend any money at all on Black Friday. But if you want to get some gifts for the holidays and don't want to do the typical Walmart or Amazon stuff, here are some alternatives that I'll be availing myself of this year (also a little offer of my own at the bottom):

Put the Black in Black Friday

Here are some resources to find awesome Black-owned businesses

We Buy Black - Online marketplace (a la Amazon) with exclusively Black-made products

Support Black Owned - Directory of Black-owned businesses

I Am Black Business - Directory of Black-owned businesses

Black Nation - Black-owned business directory app

Official Black Wall Street - Black-owned business directory app

Buy From a Black Woman - Directory of Women/Black-owned Businesses

Black-Owned Etsy Shops - An evolving list of 1500+ Black-owned Etsy Shops

Black-Owned Bookstores - A short list of some of the many Black-owned bookstores

Black-Owned Home Goods Companies - 90+ Black-owned companies in the home space

Investing in Native American Businesses

On a holiday where we like to ignore the true circumstances of America's discovery and our nation's beginnings, if you'd like to give back to the indigenous community, here are some resources to find Native-Owned businesses.

Shop Native Directory - an ever-growing directory of Native-owned businesses

Beyond Buckskin's Buy Native List - 100+ Native-owned businesses

Shop Local

This is gonna vary based on where you live, but if you're a Chicagoan like me, you can use this list from local news site Block Club (which in and of itself is worth supporting).

My Black Friday Sale

If you need a reel done, a resume made or refined, a political video or design project done or anything else that I have on offer on this site, for today only I am offering 50% off any service. If you reach out to me today to begin work on a project, you get half off!

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